Potatoes have been grown in Alaska for centuries. The tubers are an excellent source of nutrition, high in vitamin and mineral content. Potatoes can be produced under a wide variety of environmental conditions, and they can be stored for later use. With the addition of milk, the potato is a complete protein.

Planting Potatoes

Potatoes are an incredible crop for the Alaska garden because they are relatively easy to grow and have a high yield per square foot. They also store well through the fall and can be prepared in many different ways. Potatoes are available in many skin colors, ranging from white to almost black, with red, yellow and brown being the most popular in the U.S. The skin can also be smooth, dotted or even crinkled like a russet. Likewise, the flesh comes in many colors ranging from white to black to bicolored, although white and yellow are the most popular. There are, in fact, several thousand potato varieties found throughout the world, and many are adapted to thrive in the Alaska climate. However, because of Alaska’s short, cool growing season, the late maturing varieties (long season) do not perform as well as the short and mid-season varieties.

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